Academic Excellence Coaching

Life Coaching Center For Adolescent, Students, Youth and Teenager
Academic Excellence Coaching Benefits For Your Child

Benefits For Your Child

✱ Improved focus, attention span, concentration and memory leading to academic success.
✱ Your child develops clarity about purpose of life and goals to be accomplished.
✱ Overcome shyness to communicate confidently and speak easily in public.
✱ Learn to manage time better for academics, sports, family and hobbies.
✱ Become empowered to take initiative for activities and determination to complete them.
✱ Enhanced self awareness to understand self and be empathetic to others resulting in improved family relationships and friendship with peers.
✱ Become calm, peaceful and learn to control anger and manage stress of daily living.
✱ In a nutshell it will lead to improved physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being.

About the Adolescent Health & Wellness Consultant

✱ Certified Adolescent LIFE Coach From Certified Coaches Alliance, Canada
✱ MBBS and MD Psychological Medicine from Armed Force Medical College (AFMC)
✱ Over 20 years of expertise of helping clients achieve physical, mental, social and spiritual well being.
✱ Ex Army Doctor having served in ‘Siachen Glacier’
✱ Owner Satyanand Multispecialty Hospital, Pune.
✱ Trustee Satyanand Research Institute (SRI)

As a Adolescent Health & Wellness Consultant, I have worked with countless teenagers, helping them navigate through the challenges of adolescence and achieve their full potential.

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Academic Excellence Coaching dr Naveen Raina Adolescent Health & Wellness Consultant

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Excellence Coaching is meant to equip children with skills and tools to EXCEL in Academics and in LIFE.

Academic Excellence Coaching at SRI is ideal for children of 8 years and upwards who want to learn better and faster.

✱ Learning how to learn is the most valuable skill you can learn today. It is a necessity in order to survive and thrive in the ‘information age’.
✱ The future belongs to the fast learners as we live in a time of rapid change which is faster than at any other time in history.
✱ Today and in the future it is Mind Power that will dominate.
✱ Human beings normally use less than 10 percent of brain capacity so learning to tap of fraction of the untapped reservoir can help achieve things you only dreamed of before.
✱ Learning Laws of Success and Happiness Principles will give your child an early head start to make the Best of his or her life.

✱ Life coaching to assess and analyze strength, weakness, ambition and needs of your child.
✱ Discover their life purpose and goals for a balanced and enriching life.
✱ Yoga asanas or physical postures to achieve hormonal and physiological balance with a healthy body.
✱ Pranayama or breathing techniques to develop emotional stability, creativity, self awareness and self control.
✱ Meditation also enhances concentration, memory and reasoning through systematic stimulation of both brain hemispheres.
✱ Creative Visualization to reprogram the mind of children to address any negative self talk or poor belief system. It also develops self motivation, will power and subconscious mind power.
✱ In this Coaching course your child will be taught fundamentals of Academic Excellence and provided practical tools to STUDY SMARTER, LEARN FASTER and THINK BETTER.

✱ In addition to regular practice of Yoga, Meditation and Creative Visualization the curriculum will address the following topics:
✱ Know Yourself ✱ Purpose of Life ✱ Balanced Living ✱ Discover Life Goals ✱ Studying Skills ✱ Learning Skills ✱ Thinking Skills ✱ Laws of Success ✱ Happiness Principles ✱ Health & Wellbeing ✱ Emotional Intelligence ✱ Time Management ✱ Leadership Skills ✱ Communication Skills ✱ Parenting Skills (For Parents)

✱ The program consist of 15 sessions of 3 hours each. For batch starting during vacation first 5 sessions are conducted daily from 10 AM to 1 PM, this is followed by 10 weekly sessions on Sundays from 10 AM to 1 PM.

✱ Please feel free to call or SMS to Dr. Raina on 9822057624 to schedule a free individual coaching session of 20 minutes on phone or personally to share your concerns and expectations from this programs, thereafter your child is entitled to attend a free live session to get a first hand feel before registration for the program.